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what to claim on w2
Federal Income Tax
What to claim on W2

Your W2 will list your wages and other income. Can you claim certain items to lower your tax? Not quite, but you could make sure everything looks right.

penalty for filing a false tax return
Civil Tax Penalties
Penalty for Filing a False Tax Return

The penalty for filing a false tax return can be steep, and including monetary fines and prison time. Learn the risks of filing a false return.

how to file taxes without w2 or 1099
Federal Income Tax
How to file taxes without W2 or 1099

Most employees and contractors will receive a W2 or 1099. For those that don’t, you can still file taxes without a W2 or 1099.

how to read w2
Federal Income Tax
How to Read a W2

Reading a W2 can be easy. Just remember to know which wage item belongs in which box of the W2 form. You can also check the legend.

w2 vs w4
Federal Income Tax
What is the Difference Between W2 vs W4

The difference between a W2 and a W4 is quite simple – one is filled out by you and the other is provided to you by your employer.

tax evasion penalty
Civil Tax Penalties
Tax Evasion Penalty

The penalty for tax evasion is no joke. There are civil consequences (like fines and penalties) and criminal consequences (like prison time).

irs tax lien on inherited property
Retirement and Taxes
IRS Tax Lien on Inherited Property

The IRS can record tax lien on inherited property. This means you can’t escape IRS collection by giving away your property upon your death.

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