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irs offer in compromise
Tax Debt
IRS Offer In Compromise

An IRS Offer in Compromise is a great way to resolve back taxes, but most are rejected. Read these important tips before filing your IRS OIC.

irs lien discharge
Tax Debt
IRS Lien Discharge

What is an IRS Lien Discharge? And will it help you resolve you back taxes? Probably. Read our full guide to benefit from an IRS lien discharge.

Tax Saving Strategies
Tax Debt
21 Tax Saving Strategies for 2022 – Legally Reduce Tax Liability

Overpaying your tax is for suckers – learn 21 (legal) tax saving strategies that work! The rich are doing it and so can you!

irs offer in compromise
Tax Debt
IRS Offer in Compromise – The Best Way to Settle Tax Debt?

An IRS offer in compromise is a great way to settle tax debt – but most get rejected. Learn the secret taxpayers are using to settle tax debt.

innocent spouse relief
Tax Debt
Innocent Spouse Relief Types, Form 8857 & What to Do When Denied?

If you have joint IRS tax debt, Innocent Spouse Relief can get one spouse off the hook for the debt. But specific rules have to be followed.

collection due process hearing
Tax Debt
Collection Due Process Hearing – Everything You Need to Know

An IRS Collection Due Process Hearing (CDP) can be a great tool to put a temporary (or permanent) stop to the IRS’s collection efforts.

difference between a levy and a lien
Tax Debt
What is the difference between an IRS Tax Levy & IRS Tax Lien

An IRS levy takes property, while an IRS lien claims property. Learn how to fight IRS levies and get IRS liens released.

irs payment plan
Tax Debt
IRS Payment Plan (Installment Agreement) – An Authoritative Guide

Taxpayers with past due tax debt have more IRS payment plan options that before. Some plans do not even require any pre-qualification.

does bankruptcy clear tax debt
Tax Debt
Does Bankruptcy Clear Tax Debt

Bankruptcy can clear most tax debt, but there are some taxes that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy (including tax penalties).