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what is the difference between renouncing and relinquishing us citizenship
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What is the Difference between Renouncing and Relinquishing US citizenship?

Although relinquishing US citizenship is a form of renunciation, there are slight difference. And don’t forget the exit tax!

how much does it cost to renounce us citizenship
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How Much Does it Cost to Renounce US Citizenship?

The cost to renounce US citizenship can be as much as $2,350. But don’t forget the “exit tax” and other related expenses. It’s harder than you think.

can you get us citizenship back after renouncing
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Can You Get US Citizenship Back After Renouncing?

Giving up your citizenship is a big deal, but can you get US citizenship back after renouncing it? Well, the answer is not as simple as you think.

what happens to social security if you renounce citizenship
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What Happens to Social Security if You Renounce Citizenship

Before you give up your citizenship, you should understand what happens to social security if you renounce citizenship. It’s pretty straight forward.

renouncing us citizenship taxes
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A Guide to Tax Implications of Renouncing US Citizenship

Renouncing US citizenship and taxes is complicated. There’s an “exit” and possible penalties. But some tax can be greatly reduced.

streamlined foreign domestic procedures
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What are Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures – IRS 2021 (New) How to File?

Taxpayers who have unreported income may benefit from the IRS Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures and avoid IRS tax penalties.

Who is a Dual-Status Alien
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Who is a Dual-Status Alien? Do they file taxes?

If you are a dual-status alien in the US, you may have to file IRS tax returns. You might also get a stimulus check.

What is a Dual-Status Alien Tax Return
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Dual-Status Aliens Tax Return – How and When?

Dual-status aliens with US earned income will likely be taxed on that income. However, there are a few ways to avoid being taxed on that income.

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Substantial Presence Test – Determining Alien Tax Status

The Substantial Presence Test will tell you if you have to pay US tax to the IRS even if you are a foreign national. There are pros and cons. Taxpayers should know if they qualify or not.