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how to avoid capital gains tax on cryptocurrency
Crypto Tax
How to avoid capital gains tax on cryptocurrency?

Yes, you generally pay tax on your meme crypto gains. But here’s six ways to avoid capital gains tax on cryptocurrency.

crypto staking taxes
Staking Rewards
How does crypto staking get taxed?

Crypto staking rewards are taxable. But there are ways to save, and at least one federal court case seems to indicate things may change.

crypto fbar fatca reporting
Crypto Tax
Reporting Crypto Taxes on FBAR or Form 8938 – A Complete Guide

There’s tons of confusion on whether crypto is reported on FBAR or Form 8938. Get the facts straight so you can avoid huge IRS tax penalties.

llc for crypto mining
Crypto Tax
Schedule C or LLC for Cryptocurrency Earned from Crypto Mining

Crypto mining through an LLC has huge tax benefits, but there are pitfalls. Learn the difference between Schedule C or LLC mining.

play to earn games taxes
NFT Play-to-Earn Gaming & Taxes

NFT play-to-earn games are taxable. Stay ahead of the curve by learning what’s taxable, what’s not, and how to save tax on NFT game earnings.

best crypto tax software
Crypto Tax
Top 9 Crypto Tax Software – Paid, Cheap, & Free Options

Unlike a couple years ago, there are many options for DIY crypto tax software. Your choice depends on your crypto investing activity.

nft taxes
NFT Taxes – A Guide for NFT Creators & Investors

NFT creators and investors might owe NFT taxes based on their activity. Each can be taxed differently (ordinary income vs. capital gains).

crypto wash sale
Crypto Trading
IRS Wash Sale Rule for Crypto – Authoritative Guide

The IRS wash sale rule currently does not apply to crypto (but that’s changing). Learn what the rule is and how to use it to save tax on crypto.

puerto rico crypto
Crypto Tax
Puerto Rico Crypto Taxes – Everything You Need to Know

There are new tax benefits for Puerto Rico crypto investors – but beware of the myths going around. Learn how you can save on crypto tax.