types of tax evasion
Criminal Tax
Types of tax evasion

There’s a difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. One is legal, and the other will get you jail time. Learn the different types of tax evasion.

tax deductions for small business
Business Tax
30 Deductions for Small Business Tax Deductions in 2022

Take advantage of each and every tax deduction for your small business. Make sure not to leave money on the table.

how to get unemployment w2
Federal Income Tax
How to get Unemployment W2?

Did you get unemployment compensation in the past years? If so, you’ll likely get an unemployment W2.

how to file taxes with multiple w2
Federal Income Tax
How to file taxes with multiple W2?

Filing taxes with multiple W2s is easy, just don’t forget some keys steps and filing your return will be a snap.

what is adjusted gross income on w2
What is Adjusted Gross Income on W2?

Adjusted gross income (AGI) is your annual income minus any allowed reductions. Tax benefits are tied to AGI, so make sure to calculate it correctly.

how many allowances should i claim on my w4
Federal Income Tax
How many allowances should I claim on my W4

You get to choose how man allowances to claim on your W4. The rules are straightforward, but there are opportunities to save tax.

what is cafe 125 on w2
Federal Income Tax
What is Cafe 125 on W2

Have you ever seen Cafe 125 on your W2? Curious about what it means? It’s actually a pretty common item on employees’ W2 forms.

W2 Employer Responsibilities
Business Tax
W2 Employer Responsibilities

Employer W2 responsibilities include preparing, filing, and submitting the W2 forms on time. Avoid common mistakes that make life difficult.

what to claim on w2
Federal Income Tax
What to claim on W2

Your W2 will list your wages and other income. Can you claim certain items to lower your tax? Not quite, but you could make sure everything looks right.